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Web browser activities in the backend?

David Santos

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  • Calender Icon August 07,2021 at 10:08 AM

Hi Openbots experts, I would like to know if there is any option to run activities related with the web browsers or win apps as hidden (same way as Excel treatment) when a user runs a script directly in his/her laptop? Thank you in advance.

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Nataly Alvarado

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  • Calender Icon August 17,2021 at 2:57 AM

Hi David,

As of now, our web automation and Ui commands will take away control from the user. Therefore, this will need to be taken into account when building attended automations. For example, the use of show messages and prompt for input commands, will give the user control until the message or prompt is filled or dismissed.

We are also in the process of building commands that will work specifically with attended automation, to better assist the user interact with the bot while sharing a workspace.

David Santos

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  • Calender Icon August 10,2021 at 6:54 AM

Hello Nataly, Thanks for the info. Totally aligned with your comments. My message was referring to a specific feature (existent in other RPA commercial tools) that allows a user to run in an attended mode a process in the back-end of his/her laptop. This way the user keeps control of the UI to work in other activities during the time that the Agent is executing tasks (in the back-end). As you said, you can run the process through the server in order to generate an instance of the user session to run the process. This case will work fine if a manual input is not needed. In the case a process needs a manual input from the user, is there any option for a user to keep control of the UI (with the exception of the moment that the Agent needs the manual input)? Thanks!

Nataly Alvarado

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  • Calender Icon August 10,2021 at 5:31 AM

Hello David,

Web Browser, Ui Automation and Surface Automation commands require processes to be running on the foreground, as they will need access to the UI in order to interact with the different elements.

In the case of Microsoft, SAP, File/Folder and others, the actions use api calls and background processes to perform the actions, so visibility is not necessary.

However, when running a process unattended from server, it is not necessary to monitor the automation. This is because the bot will use the Active Directory credentials to create an active user session.

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