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akshay t

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How to loop through Emails in OpenBots

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akshay t

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Poornima Malviya

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Hi AKST001,

Thankyou for sharing the query. In order to loop through emails you can use for each command. First step would be to read outlook emails - Use Get Outlook Emails command and the extracted mails will be stored with data type list<mailitems>. Second step to loop through emails - Use for each command you can pass, the output of above command - list<mailitems> and create another variable <mailitem> (individual mail item). Inside for each loop you can add commands to perform respective operations on individual mail such as - Get Outlook Email as Attachments, Save Outlook Email etc.. as per your requirement. For further reference on automation with Emails please refer to this video - Please let me know in case of further queries.

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