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Openbots.commands.webbrowser missing in the library

David Santos

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  • Calender Icon December 11,2021 at 11:12 AM

Hi Openbots Experts, After implementing the migration to v1.7, I got some messages directly in the scrip window of Studio such as "Broken [unable to load 'seleniumElementActionCommand', Please install 'Openbots.commands.webbrowser' from the package manager.]". I have tried to install the requested package, however I could not find this package in the library. Does any other package with a different name cover the missing features to get success on the migration process? Thanks.

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Lakshmi Sukumar

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  • Calender Icon December 13,2021 at 4:55 PM

Hi David,

Based on the error message shared, you are converting a Studio project built a couple of iterations back. Please confirm the version you are transitioning from.

If this is the case, there has been a lot of changes implemented with the Selenium commands since v1.5.0. For instance, the Selenium Element Action command mentioned in the error message, does not exist anymore. Instead, this command was split into several other commands that have one specific purpose. For instance, we have the Selenium Click Element command, Selenium Set Text command, Selenium Get Table command and so on. In addition, the commands were re-grouped into more generalized command groups (in order to simplify installation), in the case of Selenium commands, they fall under the Openbots.commands.UIAutomation command group.

This was a necessary change, as it allows us to treat each action as its own entity, which in change makes it easier to maintain the commands, make changes to the commands and add more commands to the Selenium/Native Browser groups.

Unfortunately, with such a fundamental change, it was not possible include this migration in the scope of the converter tool. Note, that the same change was implemented to the Desktop Commands.

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