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Not able to access the Variable editor (Ctrl + K)

David Santos

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  • Calender Icon August 01,2021 at 7:11 AM

Hi Openbots experts, When creating an activity to enter an user input (prompt for input) in the version 1.5.2, the elements "input type", "input label", "input size" and "Default value" can be filled out without any issue. However when including the field "Assigned Variable" the interface does not let you call the variable editor through Ctrl+K in order to get this step done in a straightforward way. As this is not accessible, the variable should be created beforehand including this step "prompt for input" as a workaround. Is there another way the variable editor can be accessed directly when creating the step? Thank you in advance. David S

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David Santos

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  • Calender Icon August 02,2021 at 11:39 AM

Hi Ushman, I have checked again repeating same steps and now it works as expected. Thanks!

Usman Shafqat

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  • Calender Icon August 02,2021 at 9:48 AM

Hi David, You can create the variable in "Prompt For Input" by taking your cursor in "Header Name" or "Input Direction" and then press Ctrl+K. The Popup window for adding variable will open.

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