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Issues With Using Arguments

Joshua Menefee

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  • Calender Icon August 16,2021 at 8:28 PM

I am currently using OpenBots Studio 1.5.3, and I'm trying to pass an InOut argument that I would be using across both my Main script and my child script that I'm trying to pass the argument to. The issue, though, is that when check the "Assign Arguments" option in the Run Task command, the argument that I'm trying to pass isn't automatically being added to the list of arguments so the list is empty, and whenever I try to manually add the argument, I get an error saying "Please make sure you have selected an action and selected a cell before attempting to insert a variable!" I'm not sure what else I could try at this point so I'm pretty stuck with this issue.

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Nataly Alvarado

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  • Calender Icon August 31,2021 at 9:15 PM

Please, refer to the following forum post:

hitin chopra

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  • Calender Icon August 25,2021 at 7:19 PM

after adding data base command (OpenBots.commands.database ( 1.6.0) as packages . adding command to main is throwing error missing method error

Method not found: 'System.Drawing.Color OpenBots.Core.Interfaces.ICommandControls.get_DefaultLabelTextColor()'.

Nataly Alvarado

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  • Calender Icon August 20,2021 at 6:02 AM


Please make sure that you are defining the arguments in the child script, under the Arguments pane. Assign the argument name, type and direction (in, out, in/out). Save the changes made to the child script before switching to Main. On Main, use the Run Task command and select the child path script. After clicking the "Assign Argument" checkbox, it should generate the arguments saved on the child script.

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