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How to define variables

Sqn Ldr Ajey Paranjape

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  • Calender Icon August 31,2021 at 5:32 PM

I have been trying to follow the self training videos and getting stuck with my very first bot, since in the video it says to enclose variables in "(" and ")", whereas in the visual studio it doesn't accept it (throws error) Also there is no "Create Browser" command as per the video but there is a "Selenium Create browser" command instead. Are the two same? Also in this command, there is a need to specify a "Browser Instance Name", but when I try any name, enclosing it in all types of brackets or even "", it throws an error.

Clearly the videos and the studio are out of synch. Very frustrating. Can someone please help?

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Clara Le Meur

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  • Calender Icon September 01,2021 at 12:33 PM

Hello, I had the same issue with variables I think you can use the Selenium Create Browser, that work fine for me

In the field if you want add text you have to put " (double quote) before and after like that : "This is a text" If you want add a variable you have 3 option:

  1. In the main vue, below the ProjectPath variable you had a variable like vBrowser with the type OBAppInstance for the Browser Instance Name

  2. In the command vue you clic on the field and do a CTRL+K to create a variable

  3. Your variable is already exist so you can click on the "insert variable/argument" to select it

Hope it help, Have a good day

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