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"Element was not found" when using a "Desktop click element" in V1.7

David Santos

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  • Calender Icon December 10,2021 at 9:23 AM

Hi Openbots expert. I got an error of "Element was not found" when using the "Desktop click element" in the V1.7 The action is aimed to click on a "save as" button when downloading a file from a web. The button is within a pop up window (ui) that comes up when downloading the selected. I used the advanced ui recorder to record a sequence which gave me the steps needed to click the button. In the details of the Desktop click Elements step, the recorder included the next tree:

  • Type: window, name: Untitled - Google Chrome -......Type: window, name: Save as -..........Type: button, name: Save, Class Button Before the Desktop click Elements step a "pause script" item is included to wait a few seconds to be sure the download window is available. Can you provide guidance? Regards.

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Lakshmi Sukumar

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  • Calender Icon December 14,2021 at 11:30 PM

Hi David,

it would be best if we could take a look at the generated selector. One way to verify that the bot will be able to find the element based on the current selector, is to use the UI Element Validator button available next to the UI Element Recorder. This will search for the element and highlight it if is finds it, without having to run the actual program.

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