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Best practice to click on the Accept cookies buttons?

David Santos

  • Reporter
  • Calender Icon August 07,2021 at 10:03 AM

Hello OpenBots experts, During the preparation of some samples that use web browsers, when accessing to different web pages for data processing, most of them include the "accept cookies" button. I have use the "web element recorder" option to simulate the "Acceptance click" and it seems to be working fine so far. Do you have any other ideas to get this step done in an easier way? Do you find feasible to create a sort standard library/process to be able to reuse the recreation of the "cookies acceptance click" across different sites? Thank you in advance.

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David Santos

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  • Calender Icon September 07,2021 at 5:09 PM

Hi Sahil, Even with the option "Allow all coockies", Chrome shows the "Accept" button in some pages. I will follow your advise to handle this scenario. Thanks!

Sahil Wadhwa

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  • Calender Icon August 20,2021 at 7:33 AM

David ,

Are you using Chrome as browser type ? You can change the settings of your browser to accept cookies . Go to settings > Privacy > Allow all cookies . This should not ask for acceptance of cookies on different web pages on your used browser type , still if you face any issue , let me know. On the other hand, using code you can use element exists and call a child workflow to click the Acceptance link whenever the window appears , that is the way to handle through code.

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