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Unable to Connect the Server and Agent

Karthik Kasaraneni

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  • Calender Icon December 14,2021 at 10:21 AM


I have created the Credentials and Agent in Cloud server, Agent credentials are generated, Steps I have selected

  1. Orchestrator - OpenBots Cloud Server
  2. Organization name - "xxxxxxxxx"
  3. User name - "xxxxx"
  4. Password - "xxxxxxxx"

These details I have filled and clicked on the Connect.

Error: Exception when calling AgentsApi.ResolveAgent: Error calling ResolveAgent with status Badrequest Entity Operation Exception No Agents were found That match the Provided details

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Lakshmi Sukumar

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  • Calender Icon December 15,2021 at 6:05 PM


You need to have minutes and storage assigned to your organization in order to be able to use all Cloud Server functionalities. You can check your balance by navigating to Billing > Orchestration and Billing > Storage

Also, you can get a free trial for 30 days by using the "Get Started" button located at the top right corner of the OpenBots website or you can use this direct link: GettingStarted

Karthik Kasaraneni

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  • Calender Icon December 15,2021 at 6:11 AM

Now Agent and Server is connected, But When I'm trying to Publish the Project to server its showing the "Operation was declined by server: payment required". Is it mandatory to make payment. because i want to test the Scheduler and Queues or is there any another way to test?

Lakshmi Sukumar

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  • Calender Icon December 14,2021 at 10:57 PM


Please make sure that you are using the correct Operating System Logon Credentials and Machine Account Credentials when creating the Agent on Server.

Please reference this guideline for more details: OpenBots_CloudServerAgentConnection

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