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Version control and sharing projects

Akshay Alok

  • Reporter
  • Calender Icon August 12,2021 at 5:37 AM

Hi all, Can someone guide me how to share an openbots projects that I made with my colleague? Also how to upload the project to a repository on GitHub or GitLab or similar version control sites. Is sharing the obscript files enough?

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Samuel Uribe

  • Participant
  • Calender Icon August 13,2021 at 3:57 PM

Hello Akshay,

It will work if you only share the OBSCRIPT and OBCONFIG files, but I recommend sharing the full project directory if possible.

Keep in mind that anyone opening the project will need to install the same package dependencies used to create it for it to work on their machine.

To upload the project to github, you should initialize your git repository within the folder the project was created in. For example, if I create a project named "testProject" within OpenBots Studio, I would then initialize my git repository in the "testProject" folder located in my studios project path.

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