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Retrieving Windows credentials using openbots

Rakshitha Shetty

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  • Calender Icon January 20,2022 at 2:26 PM

Hi, How to access credentials which is stored in windows credential manager. I tried installing WinGenericCredentials (nugets package) but not sure how to use it and even not getting this installed nuget package in openbots studio. Can any one tell how to make this work ?

Thank you.

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Poornima Malviya

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  • Calender Icon January 21,2022 at 4:28 PM


Thankyou for sharing your query. As an alternative solution I would suggest that we can create credentials in the OpenBots server. In OpenBots Server, there is a credential vault and we have 3 types of credentials -

  1. Active Directory - For Windows credentials
  2. Machine Account - Agent creation
  3. Application - With respect to any application credentials (ex.- website) How to create Windows credentials - Please follow below steps - In OpenBots Server -> Credential Vault �> Click on Add Credential button and provide basic details �
  1. Name of Credential 2)Provider � Active Directory (Windows Credentials) 3) Domain � To get domain name � Open OpenBots Agent and on right corner you will find the computer icon, select that icon (Machine info) � you can find Domain and username which are separated by \ 4) Username 5) Password

Once credential is created, in order to access the credential in studio. Do install Server commands from Package Manager. In the Server commands package you will find Credential - > Get credential command - Provide inputs such as name of credential exactly matching with the name created in OpenBots server.

Please make sure connect the agent while running the bot in order to access the credential from OpenBots server.

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