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IIS Issue While Installing OpenBotsServer & App/DB Server Pre-requisites

Arun Prasad Mohanraj

  • Reporter
  • Calender Icon July 19,2021 at 3:54 PM

We are encountering below mentioned issue while installing OpenBotsServer in WindowsServer 2012R2 Environment.

"Open Bots Server cannot be installed on systems with Internet Information Services version lower than 5.1."

Please assist how we could proceed with the Installations. Also Please let us know the Application Server/ DB Server pre-requisites on Installing Open Bot On-Premise Application Server.

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Nataly Alvarado

  • Participant
  • Calender Icon July 20,2021 at 9:28 AM

Hello Arun,

The message you describe above, indicates that you need to turn on IIS on your machine. This is a prerequisite needed to install OpenBots Server. Please, reference the following link for Server installation instructions Server Installation and Setup:

Step 1, details how to turn on your IIS features.

Here you can find a list of Hardware and Software requirements: Hardware-Software Requirements. You will need to indicate a database to save all Server data. The installation wizard will prompt you to choose "SQL Server" or "SQL Express". SQL Server will allow you to connect to an existing database instance. The SQL Express option will create an SQL Express database on the machine running the installer.

Hope this helps!

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